fsu postcard design

florida state ceramics 2 copy

Here is a postcard that I designed for Florida State University’s ceramics program. It  is designed to be used at the upcoming NCECA convention (stands for National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts) as a handout for prospective students. I wanted to highlight the interdisciplinary nature and the diverse body of student/faculty work that the university fosters. I also wanted the postcard to have a bright and fresh appearance so that it serves to attract and then eventually be displayed by the takers as a future reference (on their pin boards, studio walls, refrigerators, etc.).

Ceramics students, makers, and lovers from all over will soon flock to Providence, Rhode Island for NCECA 2015.  This is going to be a week of what’s current in ceramics – workshops, demos, techniques, nerdy science & information, and PARTIES. Yes, parties. If there’s one thing I know about ceramicists, it’s that they love having a fun time. As a seasoned attendee, I was a little bummed that I wouldn’t be able to go this year, so creating this postcard has been FUN! Hope everyone enjoys the conference this year!

Featured artists in this postcard are (from left to right): Holly Hanessian, Erica Passage, Lourdes Jimenez, and Li Lin.

sketchbook ideas & workspace

parrot  parrot 2

These are some ideas that I developed through drawing and stamping in a sketchbook a couple weeks ago. I have this thing for birds. And a funny habit of drawing them. Their individual personalities and habits are charming and endearing, and I love to capture these with my pencil through quick sketches. They have a habit of making an appearance on most pages of my notebooks.

I’ve also been playing with patterns lately (see the last post), and I think it all came about from experimenting with hand-carved stamps. The top left pattern in the above image is a stamp that I carved and stamped six times in two different directions. It’s based off a wrought iron balcony pattern.

I love how one medium can so quickly lead to developing ideas in the next. This is exciting to me in my making practices – and why I am always jumping around. It’s fun! And how better can I express myself than through the very medium that each project calls for? Anyways, here is a glimpse of my messy little workspace at the dining table. My sister came over for a “crafternoon” – you can see her working at an awesome drawing she made of – gasp – a whooping crane. Maybe the bird infatuation runs in the family?

parrot 3

Practicing Pattern Making

Cabinet Pattern


I have been experimenting with pattern making and using my drawings as the basis for learning new graphic art programs. Even though I went to school for the arts, my education in the digital sphere was brief, so I am now self-teaching my way through a crash course in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. So far I am loving the journey that each piece takes! From hand-drawn sketches to playing with the scanner and finally fiddling with it on my computer monitor… it’s exciting for me to see all of my drawings come to life. I look forward to adding color and learning processes for  illustration.

I am going to use this blog as a space to share what I am currently learning.