sketchbook ideas & workspace

parrot  parrot 2

These are some ideas that I developed through drawing and stamping in a sketchbook a couple weeks ago. I have this thing for birds. And a funny habit of drawing them. Their individual personalities and habits are charming and endearing, and I love to capture these with my pencil through quick sketches. They have a habit of making an appearance on most pages of my notebooks.

I’ve also been playing with patterns lately (see the last post), and I think it all came about from experimenting with hand-carved stamps. The top left pattern in the above image is a stamp that I carved and stamped six times in two different directions. It’s based off a wrought iron balcony pattern.

I love how one medium can so quickly lead to developing ideas in the next. This is exciting to me in my making practices – and why I am always jumping around. It’s fun! And how better can I express myself than through the very medium that each project calls for? Anyways, here is a glimpse of my messy little workspace at the dining table. My sister came over for a “crafternoon” – you can see her working at an awesome drawing she made of – gasp – a whooping crane. Maybe the bird infatuation runs in the family?

parrot 3


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