recent travel inspiration & potterings

Tallahassee happens to be close to the coast, and whenever we find ourselves with some weekend spare time (which isn’t often these days), we send ourselves to a day at the shoreline for some r&r. The small oyster town of Apalachicola is a salty and charming hop, skip, and a jump away from home, and just a little bit further down the road from our favorite island. So after a lazy day curled up on sandy blanket by the waves, we drive over the bridge and land in the center of downtown Apalach for some street strolling and window shopping.

Fork and Spoon in Appalachicola

A cutlery paper tacked to the windows of this shop – the shop wasn’t open, and I couldn’t figure out if it was abandoned or not, but well-kept, as it was!

tugboat in Appalachicola

An old, sea-weathered tugboat abandoned by the sea. Reminds me of a scene described in the book that I’m currently reading, One Hundred Years of Solitude, in which the main character travels across his homeland to find the sea and only find an abandoned ship in the middle of nothing but land. The ship is filled with flowers and jungle, and orchids have made the sails their home and creep all over. I just love that imagery. A worthy read.

Tugboat details

Details on the tugboat.

Erica at St. George

My first mate, Erica, soaking up the beach. Au revoir coastline, we’ll see you next time!


Meanwhile, back at home, I’m busy cranking out pots for an upcoming market! I am making dinnerware sets, mugs, flower vessels, pouring vessels, spoons, and more. The French Country Flea Market was such a beautiful setting & event last year that I couldn’t pass up being a vendor this year. Erica and I are teaming up to sell our wares, some refurbished antique & vintage furniture that I’ve been hoarding, and some hand-bound books that we are slowly piecing together. I think this year’s event will be quite fun and inspiration-filled. Also a great time to buy holiday presents for your lovies.

Erica trimming

Erica is throwing very large bowls for a collaboration in which she makes the serving bowls and I design the interiors. It is the start of something new (which I will detail in a later post! Exciting news for the both of us!). These huge serving bowls will be part of our collection at the French Country Flea.

Readers' Digest Book Covers

Old Readers’ Digest covers that we stripped from their bindings and re-purposed into new sketchbooks. See the finished pieces in our tent at the Market.

sliced logs

My father recently had a few dying old trees taken down on their property (sad to see them go). So he enlisted his services to slice up some wooden boards that Erica and I will use for our shop display at the Market. They will show off our ceramics quite well!

chopped logs

What my dad did with the remaining wood… so much! We’ll have some nice fires this fall and winter. And that’s my little dog Stella running after her favorite play toy – a squirrel.

cuppa icecream

And me product testing one of my mugs and a ceramic spoon – product testings are usually most accurate with icecream.


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