on being frivolous and reusable

cake flags

bisque ware

See those little flags? I am so excited about those little guys. And the spoons? I’m really quite pleased. It’s probably because very soon all of these bits and pieces will be available to be used. Yes, I love being able to USE what I make, and I love it when others also want to use the little things I pinch into purpose.

The flags are intended for cakes and cupcakes, or rather any baked good your heart desires. They’ll be reusable. And that’s the part I love the most. I’ve seen so many cake flags that are very adorable and paper-made, but really what’s the good in that? One time use and throw them out? I don’t know. The idea of something that’s a bit frivolous but at least reusable takes the cake for me!

Since pictured, everything here has been glazed and is now being glaze fired. Actually, they’re probably cooling right about now. I’ll be able to take a peek and pull them out tomorrow morning.



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