blooming earth


I have been going on lots of walks in the woods lately – finally the stormy skies of last week have cleared up and parted into large, billowy giants of white and air and lightness. The sun is strong, and our potted garden of herbs and small vegetable beginnings are facing their determined buds towards their future. This time calls for ramblings through winded and foliage-infested pathways through this Southern jungle of sorts. Blackberries are everywhere and tempt us where the poison ivy hides. We startle gators and they swim from bankside and peer out at us from deeper water, disgruntled at our fun. And the birds are wild with their songs and flight. The red shouldered hawk and her children wake us in the morning, and the mockingbird’s song is everywhere. This is my hometown coming to its prime, and I absolutely love it.

So inspired – so I sit diligently at my new wheel and turn clay over and over, hoping it takes me to a new place in just that moment. And my heart follows my two feet that step forward, even when it’s scared of a misstep or completely falling. At least I’m landing in mossy, jasmine-infused, blackberry blooming earth.


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