Lately, I have been pondering changes. Maybe it’s the change in weather – from winter to abrupt summer here – or maybe it’s because I am thinking about how I want to live my life. The work I make to the environment I live in, from where and how I gather my needs and goods, the items (or lack there of) I choose to surround myself with. How I sustain life interests me. The growth needed to find environmental fulfillment.

My work requires changes to sustain my craft, and because I know now it’s the livelihood I want to create in this life I feel comfort in its new form. Actually, I am pleased with its demands, and I am unsurprising excited about this change. It’s growing in the ways I hope this season’s garden grows – all of which is patiently waiting for the summer rain to end so it may be firmly planted into my front green.

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” – Rumi


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