without further ado

I’d like to please introduce you to a sweet and savory Raw Carrot Cake with Tangy Citrus Frosting. How wonderful and indulgent does this beautiful cake look? I am always thrilled to read, recreate, and shortly thereafter devour Laura’s recipes at The First Mess. It’s a gorgeous blog full of healthy and exciting kitchen adventures that really inspire people like me. Her recipes are nothing short of spot-hitting for those with a restricted diet, and her food photography inspires my pottery making in such a raw way.

Need I say this recipe is next on my sweet tooth list? I’ll let you know how it turns out. Hope you give her site a good look-through, and consider trying out a raw cake, even if you’re not a strictly raw eater. It will not disappoint.

ImageImage borrowed from The First Mess.


2 thoughts on “without further ado

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks so much for your kindness, Libby! Hope you try out and enjoy the cake. It’s even better the next day, seriously. And your ceramics/pottery are stunning! xo

    • libbyarmstrong says:

      Well don’t you worry – I will be making this cake asap! HOPEFULLY there will be at least one slice left the following day… we’ll see about that. And thank you so much for the flattery! Means a lot to me. Let me know if you’d ever be interested in shooting some photos with them.

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