kissing summer goodbye

Spain Summer 2013_20130508_0668

This past summer was a real treat. A real sweet treat that I feel so fortunate to have experienced. It started with a trip to Panama to visit one of my longest best friends. Under palms and in starfish waters I spent time with my fellow “dinosaur huntress.” (We used to spend hours with just us and our imaginations as little tykes.) Panama was gorgeous. I met some charming people. Safe to say I will NEVER forget that soul-filled week.

Second was an entire month of Spain with my little sister. How AMAZING. We backpacked through city and countryside, down cliffs to make friends with Spanish horses, through whitewashed and cobbled towns, and through guitar-filled starry evenings. Side by side our friendship grew into a strong little pearl that braved foreign languages and spicy sangria evenings. I love that little woman.

Dreamiest summer of my being so far. Thank you, life. Looking forward to what fall has to bring


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