floating table collection




LibbyArmstrongFlorid_20130707_1573  LibbyArmstrongFlorid_20130707_1591

LibbyArmstrongFlorid_20130707_1522   LibbyArmstrongFlorid_20130707_1547

More from my Floating Table Collection designed and hand built out of white stoneware clay this past summer. So many hours and labor and love were put into these gems. I have several large and small sized bowls, two platters, and another black jug that go with all of these pieces.

My favorite component to the story of this collection has to do with where I obtained the glazes. Last November I purchased a big old “no ruffles” Skutt kiln that I found on Craigslist. Originally I was going to purchase a smaller version whose price tag caught my eye, but upon arriving to Ken’s property I was quickly swayed to purchase the big mamma for only $50 bucks more. Ken is an older, gentle southern giant kind of man. Rough around the edges and equipped with a burly beard, he spends his time throwing pottery, bee keeping, and tending his beautiful Florida acres with love. I was impressed with his timeworn jean overalls and smile. A tour of his property and a gift of 1,000 vintage glaze jars and an antique pottery wheel, I was sold that the South has my heart. So much generosity and hospitality topped with a Southern accent has always made me miss home whenever I’ve tried to venture off. So I created this line, the Floating Table Collection, with people like Ken in mind, and my home, the South.


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