thrifted life

dotted shot glasses

brass cattle skull salt and pepper shakers


I enjoy a good thrift hunt more than most things on any given Sunday. Or any day of the week, let’s be honest. Estate sales, the flea, garage sales, and thrift shops are my local haunts. My home is filled with hand-me-down and thrifted pieces gathered along the way. Antiquity adds so much more character, and I love that each piece has a unique story and history that you may never even be made aware of. So I do my local garbage men and my pocketbook a favor by buying character pieces… and you should too!

I sell the things I do not have room to keep anymore in my online shop, Follow Me Vintage. I’ve sold all sorts of fun items that are now living in people’s homes all over the world. It’s a thrilling feeling knowing that someone loves something just as much as you.

beaded gypsy chandelier

I found this decadent beaded wedding cake chandelier near the beach while on vacation. I was stuck by its presence and size, and knew I had to snag it up for a customer. Boho and glam in one piece… amazing. Seriously, imagine it above a bed or a dining table in a light-filled room. It will be available in the shop very soon; send me a message if you’re interested.


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